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Scottsdale Children's Institute

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22555 N Miller Road
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The Scottsdale Children’s Institute (SCI) offers a unique school-based program for children between the ages of 2-6, with or without disabilities.  Fifty percent of our students have a disability such as autism, ADHD, or speech/communication delays, while the other fifty percent of students do not have a diagnosed disability. However, some of our students without disabilities benefit from our program because they have behavior, self-management, learning, or social skill needs.  A key component of our program is that we also enroll students without disabilities who act as positive peer models.  As a result, students with and without disabilities learn and play together.  Our kindergarten readiness program offers an inclusive, structured, scientific approach to teaching that is based on the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA). We provide our learners with a learner-driven, positive environment and we strive to foster a love of learning in each and every student, while teaching the self-management skills needed to thrive in a general education classroom.  

Based largely on the CABAS® (Comprehensive Application of Behavior Analysis to Schooling) model developed by Dr. R. Douglas Greer and colleagues at Columbia University in New York City, our kindergarten readiness program offers an inclusive approach to education that incorporates scientific procedures for targeting academic repertoires, self-management goals, and play and social skills.  Our school directors and supervisors have obtained BCBA credentials as well as doctorates in applied behavior analysis from Columbia University. School supervisors have extensive experience and training in using applied behavior analysis to effectively teach children with and without disabilities to read, write, and acquire math skills.   

Classroom make-up, as well as individualized goals, are determined by each child’s current developmental level of functioning and individual needs. Our structured, inclusive curriculum includes an alignment with the state standards for preschool and kindergarten to ensure that we target all requirements necessary for success in Arizona’s kindergarten classrooms. When it comes time for your child to enter kindergarten, it is our goal that your child be performing at, if not beyond, the expected level across all academic and social areas.

Areas Served:

Maricopa County, Arizona

Services Provided:

  • Behavior Analyst-BCBA
  • Day Treatment and Training, Summer-DTS
  • Day Treatment and Training, Children-After School-DTT
  • Habilitation, Early Childhood Autism Specialized, BCBA-D- ECM
  • Habilitation, Early Childhood Autism Specialized