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Rainbow Acres

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Rainbow Acres believes that, in order to reach their fullest potential, Ranchers need to be well-rounded individuals. Rainbow therefore offers activities that encourage physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. These activities, which fall into the categories of Core, Therapeutic and Enrichment Programs, enable the Ranchers to improve their self image and pursue lives of dignity and purpose. Rainbow Acres serves adults with developmental disabilities caused by a variety of different conditions. These include Down syndrome, Fragile X syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Tuberous Sclerosis, Prader-Willi syndrome, Autism and milder forms of traumatic brain injury.

Vocational Training: an important part of life at Rainbow Acres. Having a job, a skill set, a reason to get up every day has a huge effect on Rancher pride and self esteem. Rainbow offers a number of daily opportunities, both on and off the Ranch, for Ranchers to learn and perfect a skill, and to meaningfully contribute to the Ranch community.

TETRA Equestrian Training: Empowering lives through the heart of the horse. This simple, yet powerful statement is the driving force behind Total Equine Training at Rainbow Acres (T.E.T.R.A.). The T.E.T.R.A. equestrian program allows Ranchers to have close and meaningful contact with one of God’s most majestic creatures. By caring for and spending time with horses, Ranchers learn responsibility and companionship, both important elements in Rainbow’s holistic approach to care.

Neurodevelopmental Therapy: As part of its mission to provide Ranchers (residents) with holistic care, Rainbow Acres provides a groundbreaking form of neurological habilitation known as Neurodevelopmental Therapy. Through rigorous physical exercises, Ranchers improve their visual, auditory and tactile awareness and sensitivity, and find greater comfort in the world in which they live.

In addition to Vocational Training, T.E.t.R.A. Equestrian Training and Neurodevelopmental Therapy, Ranchers receive daily instruction and enrichment in the areas of Education, Health & Wellness and Counseling. Ranchers can also participate in activities like the Rancher Choir, Fine Arts Classes, Clavinova Connection, Special Olympics and Rancher Vacations. All these programs and activities help the Ranchers lead active, healthy and fulfilling lives.

Areas Served:

Yavapai County, Arizona

Services Provided:

  • Habilitation w/ Music Therapy-HAM
  • Art Therapist
  • Day Treatment and Training, Adults-DTA
  • Vocational Services
  • Neuro-Developmental Therapy
  • Camps
  • Recreation Programs