About Us

Tyler Burke

Hi, my name is Tyler Burke and I am the founder of Provider Search, LLC.

ProviderSearch.com is a web-based tool designed to help families and professionals make meaningful connections. This site was developed with one main goal in mind - to assist families in their search for quality professionals who can help work with and enhance the lives of their loved ones with special needs.

We envisioned one location where families can search for staff at their leisure and agencies can display a detailed list of their employees who are available to work. Our hope is that this site will continue to be, not only a bridge for prosperous working relationships, but a place that will inform, empower and educate families and professionals alike.

As you become familiar with the features on this website, please remember that we welcome all feedback and suggestions on how this can be the best tool for you.

Have a recommendation for content or a suggested category or professional that is not listed? Let us know.

What about social media? Our philosophy is that the collective group has the wealth of knowledge. Let's share it with one another.

Thank you for taking the time to get involved.