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RN, BSN Mother, Legal Guardian, & Advocate of one of your clients and benefactors of ILS services

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Reviewed Feb 8, 2012
What ILS offers?
Independent Life Services (ILS) offers a committed and highly engaged staff. Their commitment is evident throughout the staff, both home-based and facility services. ILS conveys a dedicated partnership in assisting with and for Nina’s individualized needs. ILS offers us a haven where daily interactions and services are client centered resulting in a place where Nina’s goals are developed, monitored, and earnestly pursued.

What ILS is for my daughter?
We are involved with ILS at various levels including their home-based and adult day program services. ILS has designed cohesive care where Nina’s needs are well attended to. I cannot over emphasize the peace of mind we found when the manager of home-based services developed a sick/substitute provider plan, arranging staff candidates and methods to prevent the dilemma of having no one available to assist with her home-based needs while I am working or unavailable. As a single mother the proactive and individualized care are lifelines for her and me.

ILS provides services that are top quality, compassionate, and individualized to Nina’s holistic needs. It offers many things for us, including quality providers to assist Nina with her activities of daily living and the opportunity to continue to work on skills toward greater independence. The day program offers a place where she looks forward to going, where she experiences purpose, and the opportunity to continue to learn, grow, and develop as a young adult with a disability. Her smile and joy are a testimony to that.

ILS we thank you for the top quality services your staff delivers.

Donna, RN, BSN
Mother, Legal Guardian, & Advocate of one of your clients and benefactors of ILS services
Submitted February 6, 2012
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By: Jeff, Oct 2, 2013

Thank you for the feedback Donna!