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Gryphen Specialty Products and Services employs adults with developmental disabilities ages 18 to 65. Work performed by these adults pertains to the development, assembly, marketing and distribution of various products and services developed by GSPS and/or contracted services by external companies (e.g. horticultural, hospitality, retail and recreation services).

These employees will be involved in all aspects of product related operations as well as the decision making process relating to the operations. Finally, and most importantly, employees with developmental disabilities will work side-by-side with their neuro-typical peers and co-workers doing identical work and sharing the same responsibilities. GSPS utilizes supported employment as a strategy for assisting persons with disabilities to obtain and maintain employment through the provision of ongoing support. We offer our consumers opportunities to work in the community for real wages and build relationships with non-disabled coworkers. GSPS believes that supported employment involves competitive work in an integrated work setting for persons with moderate to severe disabilities for whom competitive employment has not traditionally occurred.

Additionally, because of their disability, some individuals need more intensive support services or extended services to perform such work. The key features of supported employment are: • Real work: Work that would be performed by someone without a disability. • Real wages: Wages commensurate to wages paid to for comparable work performed by someone without a disability. • Integrated work environments: Most co-workers are people without disabilities who work in close proximity and regularly interact with employees with disabilities.. • On-going support: Supported employment assumes that people with developmental disabilities will need support over time, even if that support is provided by a co-worker. Gryphen Specialty Products and Services currently owns and operates three Vocational Programs in Arizona. Our programs are located in Tempe, Coolidge and Casa Grande, and our new Chandler site is currently under development.

Areas Served:

Maricopa County, Arizona

Services Provided:

  • Day Treatment and Training, Adults-DTA
  • Vocational Services
  • Day Treatment and Training, Summer-DTS
  • Programs and Services
  • Day Supports
  • Home Health
  • Training
  • After School Programs
  • Summer Programs