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Arizona Autism United, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization providing services to children with autism spectrum disorders in Arizona.

The Co-op Model

The “Human Service Co-op” (HSC®) model is an emerging movement in the field of human services. A co-op is different from traditional provider agencies because it is governed by the individuals or families who receive its services. So rather than a single owner or a small group of directors making policy and program decisions for the organization, in a co-op those decisions are made and voted on by the people who receive the services.

When a family registers with AZA United, they can become a “Member” of the co-op at no cost. As a Member, parents can vote on a variety of issues related to improving services for their child and developing new programs. The organization’s funds are allocated based on input from the Members, and the forum for discussion is always open. An HSC promotes “Self-Determination,” supporting Members to get actively involved and have a direct influence over their own or their child’s quality of services both now and for the future.


Specialized Habilitation, Behavioral (Hab M & Hab B)

“Hab M” is a service that provides a thorough assessment by a Master’s level Behavior Analyst of the child’s current skill level and challenging behaviors, followed by a written report that includes a recommended amount of habilitation hours, teaching strategies and positive behavior supports to be implemented. “Hab M” or “Hab B” also includes ongoing home or clinic visits for supervision, training and updating of the child’s behavioral habilitation program. At this time, DDD can authorize this service to eligible children diagnosed with autism (or at risk) under the age of 4, with the service continuing for 2 years. Parent participation is required. “Hab B” includes hands-on training for habilitators and parents to implement the goals and strategies identified in the program. A total of 150 hours of assessment, supervision and training is available to children who qualify, to be used in any combination of Hab M & Hab B. For more information, contact AZA United and your DDD Support Coordinator.

Trainings & Workshops

AZA United offers several training classes and workshops to benefit our families, employees and other community members. Topics include Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Making Visual Supports. Employees may be eligible for a raise for completing certain trainings. As AZA United continues to grow, more trainings and workshops will become available. Contact us for more information or subscribe to our newsletter to be updated monthly on available trainings.

Ongoing Support & Home Visits

AZA United believes that providing services involves a commitment to help each family and employee to the best of our ability. We work with every family on an individualized basis to determine an appropriate level of support. We invite you to communicate with our Program Team any time you need support or a home visit. You can reach the Program Team directly at 602-773-5772. Whether there are new behaviors to address, a habilitator that needs more guidance, or simply a program that is ready for some new ideas, we are committed to helping you in any way we can.

Getting Started

To begin services, you will need to complete a New Family Intake Packet. It is available for you to print on this website in the "Downloads" section, or you can contact our office if you would like one mailed to you. If you are seeking new habilitation or respite providers, we will get the information we need and contact you as soon as we have a potential match. If you currently have a provider in mind for your child, we will explain the application process and help you get started as quickly as possible. As always, please contact us with any questions!

Areas Served:

Maricopa County, Arizona

Services Provided:

  • Habilitation Hourly-HAH
  • Respite-RSP
  • Training