Top 10 Battles Between You and Your Child

Top 10 Battles Between You and Your Child

(And Practical Behavior Management Solutions)

Hoorah for a new series! In our last series, we focused on technical aspects of Applied Behavior Analysis. In this series I will discuss how ABA can be applied to those daily struggles between you and your child. I will highlight the top 10 common parent/child (or teacher/child) battles and how to use the principles of ABA to handle out of control behavior. Whether you are a parent or a teacher, my goal is to provide you with some practical advice on what to do when your child misbehaves.  

In both the school and the home environment, it is a daily challenge to create and maintain a calm, positive atmosphere where a child can learn and grow. And while you should not expect your child or student to be perfect, constant battles and out of control behavior is not something you should have to live with.

ABA is the science of understanding and changing behavior. It is a scientifically validated method of teaching positive behavior while decreasing inappropriate behavior. And while it’s true that ABA is most known for its use with children and adults with developmental disabilities, ABA works for everyone! ABA is extremely effective for curbing tantrums, aggression, and other undesirable behavior, and is an awesome method for teaching kids to follow directions, try new foods, do their homework, and a ton of other useful life skills. In my work as a behavior analyst for children with autism, I often wondered why ABA wasn’t used more often in the “real world.” If parents only knew how even just a basic understanding of human behavior could make parenting way easier, they would all be using ABA! Yes, even with their typical kids!

Here are some of the important principles that we will be emphasizing during this series:

Behavior is learned. Therefore, behavior can be unlearned.

Reinforcement for positive behavior is the best way to teach our kids to behave appropriately.

Behavior always occurs for a reason. It is crucial to learn how to pinpoint the reason why your child misbehaves. (Note: it’s not always what you think!)  

It’s not enough to just punish bad behavior. We must teach appropriate behavior to replace inappropriate behavior.  

When it comes to rules, less is more! But it is absolutely crucial that you be consistent with your rules.

Behavior problems can be emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausting. Do you want to learn how to pick your battles, stay calm during a meltdown, and how to administer appropriate consequences for your child’s behavior? Are you in need of some creative behavior management strategies that actually work? Are you ready to unlock the mysteries of why ABA is so effective and learn how to apply them to your daily life? Then stay tuned as we discuss the top 10 battles between you and your child, and effective behavior management strategies for each.