A continuum of care

A continuum of care

Campus Care residences are just that; on one piece of property there are multiple buildings which include Independent Living quarters, Assisted Living complex and a Skill Nursing Home.  You may wonder the benefits of such a residential setting.

As we age and begin to see the loss start to compound in our lives, change is more difficult and the loss of independence is many times overwhelming.  Living within a campus care setting allows for not only many of our friendships to continue even as medical situations change but it also allows and fosters independence.  We can come and go from the structures as we are feeling the desire and are able to visit with our friends who maybe in need of more skilled care for a time or from now on.  The ties of friendship and companionship are still in place.  Nothing says this more pointedly than the relationship between husband and wife; when the need arises for one to receive more skilled care.  With Campus Care the spouse can go to visit at whatever time they wish, not depending on someone for transportation, the spouse can make the decision to be with them or not.  The length of the visit is not determined by transportation needs.

Another relationship that is almost as important yet for different reasons is the caregiver relationship.  Went living independent in a retirement setting on a care campus; we get to determine the amount of help necessary.  However, just as when hiring a home health professional the change of staff is very debilitating to the elderly.  This can be somewhat relieved when the determination is made that a change in care need is necessary; the staff in the next level of care residence will very probably been seen and possibly even had a causal conversation with allowing for familiarity.  This allows us not to be threatened by this move as much.

Along with the environment of people and animals in a care campus setting, there is also the decorating which has most often a familiar feel just as going from one room to another in our own home.  Again, we are able to feel as though we are progressing into a new level of life, rather than failing to maintain our abilities.  All of these emotions have great bearing on ability to maintain or get stronger.  One of the worse enemies of the elder group is depression.

Simply put Care Campuses are a continuum of care.  While independent nursing homes, assisted livings and retirement commons are a spring board into declining health for many in elder care.