Unaffected Simplicity

Unaffected simplicity, or naïveté, is one of the keys to entrepreneurial success.  Why?  Because it allows entrepreneurs to pursue bold ideas, without being overcome by the curse of perfectionism.  They act, they learn, and they stay in motion as they build market force in the face of objections from the status quo.

Fortunately, healthy naïveté is available to all of us.  Anyone can embrace it in pursuit of a dream – a career goal, a new business venture or this week’s project.  Looking at your strategic goals or day-to-day tasks through these tinted spectacles can yield the following:

  • A sharpened focus on what’s most important to you each day and how best to be successful in this endeavor.
  • Casting aside of distractions that keep you at a distance from your dream.
  • Intensified building of key relationships that nourish your success, and withdrawal from those that threaten to starve your creative energy and activity.
  • A better balance in your life, including committing yourself to learning new things and entertaining new ideas that are not delivered via most TV (I believe John Prine’s “Blow Up Your TV” anticipated “The Kardashians”).

The risk of unaffected simplicity is that you may have some significant cleaning up to do, and the possibilities are well worth it.