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As the parents of a special needs child, Erin and Bruce Wilson are accustomed to worrying about their son, Jay, and how he manages life within his world. But when another parent found Jay standing at an unlocked gate at school, the Wilsons began to worry about his place within the world at large. Would he be able to communicate his basic information? Was there any way they could prepare him for a situation he may not be prepared for?

The frequency of people who become lost because of various disabilities or illnesses and are unable to ask for help or provide needed info is startlingly high. According to 2012 CDC statistics 1 in 88 children have Autism, an Interactive Autism Network study reports that 49% of these children have attempted to escape from a safe environment. Often the wandering children have low language ability.  The Alzheimer’s Association reports that an estimated 5.2 Million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease of which 60% have wandered. Many people with brain injuries, Downs Syndrome, Diabetes, Seizure disorders, extreme allergies and other situations all need help expressing emergency information when they are unable.

QR Code iD ( bridges communications gaps through a simple yet powerful tool, the QR Code. QR codes are unique graphic codes that once scanned by a smartphone or tablet, direct users to a specific page on the Internet. QR Code iD applies this technology to individual users, and issues a special QR Code for each person enrolled on the Web site. This unique code can be printed on clothing or badges that can be affixed to almost anything.  QR Code iD also makes it easy for people that don’t have a QR reader by giving the finder easy access to the users Internet page by manually going to the website and entering the found individuals unique number.

Simple information we teach our kids may not be that simple for kids on the spectrum, or for adults facing conditions like Alzheimer’s or dementia. Name, address and phone number may be hard to recall when a person finds themselves alone and in a strange environment. When scanned, the QR Code iD badge directs users to a page with critical identification details, as well as potentially lifesaving medical information.

The information can be changed in real time to reflect who the current contact person is and provide emergency information. For example “We are in the parking garage looking for him. The reception is terrible.  Please take him to security level 1 and we will be right up.” Or “My EpiPen is in the front pocket of my purse”.  Or “We lost Dad at 2:00.  He needs his insulin by 5:00”. Any device with Internet access can change the information.

 Artists who have special needs have created the designs on the QR Code iD shirts.  The intention of each artist when creating the work was to have the person wearing the shirt feel cool and accepted. The Artists receive a percentage of each shirt sold that features their design, and a portion of all sales goes to charity.

“We’re excited to provide a way to put QR codes toward a potentially lifesaving use,” founder Erin Wilson said. “This is an instance where technology is living up to its promise of making lives better. If it reconnects one person with their family, our mission will be fulfilled.”   QR Code iD can be found on the Web at, or on Facebook at



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