Innovative Program of the Week – Visual Modeling

Innovative Program of the Week – Visual Modeling

Lucile Hooton Lynch is a former trial attorney and now a co-owner of Steps4Kids, LLC. She is the mother of twin boys, one of whom has Cerebral Palsy and difficulty learning.

As with most inventions and innovations Steps4Kids was born of necessity. 

When Lucile’s son was struggling with feeling overwhelmed in the classroom and needed a quieter environment she began homeschooling him. He had problems learning handwriting and hadn’t responded to traditional handwriting programs. So Lucile created her own DVDs using visual modeling to help her son with his writing, spelling and reading. He responded and his skills improved. Lucile’s other son worked alongside his brother and received a best handwriting award.

Lucile discovered that it wasn’t just the programs that didn’t work, the environment didn’t either.

Typical classrooms are bursting with visual stimuli. Posters and wall decorations provide an overwhelming amount of visual input making it nearly impossible for many students to focus on their work. And the same is true for video programs; they are filled with music and animation that distracts students, preventing them from focusing on their work.

The programs from Steps4Kids provide a calm and quiet space that allows students to focus on the task at hand. Students with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, ADHD as well as typically developing children have been successful using their writing, multiplication and drawing DVDs.

Cahterine, a Mommy Blogger at Our Village is A LIttle Different used the program with her two sons with Autism. You can see their before and after drawings here:

Catherine says, “As a mother of children on the autism spectrum, I would be remiss if I didn’t point out the opportunity to show different facial features paired with emotions.  What a great way to add in some extra social skills training!”

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