Teaching Strategy – Public Transit

Teaching Strategy – Public Transit

Strategy: (Individuals name) will independently take the bus from home to _____________at the appropriate time.  

 (Individuals name) and her family would like for her to be more independent using public transportation from her house to the family business; in order for her to do this she will need to acquire the necessary skills.

 (Individuals name) will determine where she would like to go __________ using the computer or transit book she will determine the route and times. Prior to riding the bus she will purchase a bus pass or have the exact change to ride the bus. Waiting in the designated safe place she will wait for her ride.             will identify the bus number according to the schedule; when the bus arrives she board the bus and verbally ask the driver if the bus will take her to the desired location. She will then take out the ticket or exact change and give it to the driver (if she is transferring and using exact change she will ask for a paper transfer sheet). She will then sit down (preferably in a place where she can see can watch for her stop). When approaching her stop she will pull the indicator wire letting the driver she needs to get off at the next stop. At her stop (Individuals name) will wait for the bus to come to a complete stop and exit thru the bus door. On her way home she will complete the same routine.

 At the appropriate time, (Individuals name) should be given the opportunity to complete the task independently. If she has difficulty doing so, provide her prompts to assist her in going to the bus stop.

 At all times, start by attempting to prompt her with the least intrusive prompt; if she still does not start to go to the bus stop, move to the next most intrusive prompt, etc., until she is successful goes to the bus stop.


A maximum of three prompts should be given in each level. After three unsuccessful prompts, proceed to the next most intrusive prompt level.

 Record data on how many prompts and the prompt level are needed for (Individuals name) to go to the bus stop.

 This strategy should be used when  (Individuals name) rides the bus to _________ and home. Only record data once per day.

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