Teaching Strategy – Activity Selection

Teaching Strategy – Activity Selection

Strategy: (Individuals Name) will plan activities out for program participants and herself to partake in and follow through by participating in them.


Target natural opportunities for mastery of this outcome by planning specific days and approximate times for (Individuals Name) to work on this outcome. The development of a routine with the activity will likely be a strong motivator.  (Individuals Name) should have a computer with internet access available, local/current newspapers, and parameters for outings she and others can participate in. (Individuals Name) should look at the papers and online for activities she and others can participate in that fit within the set parameters. Activities she selects that are appropriate should go on the activity calendar for the following week or later in the month.

Should (Individuals Name) select activities that would not work for the program and/or other participants, she should be reminded of the parameters, and encouraged to make another choice within those parameters. When it is time to carry out the activities, (Individuals Name) should be encouraged and reminded with the facts that she chose the activities and she committed to participating in them. If she refuses to participate in activities, please note it in the comments section with the outcome documentation.

At the appropriate time, assuring (Individuals Name) has newspapers or online access available, ask her to work on selecting an activity to participate in with others for the calendar. Always allow (Individuals Name) the opportunity to do so independently. If she does not do so or has difficulty doing so, begin prompting (Individuals Name) to assist her in doing so.

At all times, start by attempting to prompt (Individuals Name) with the least intrusive prompt; if  she still does not start or complete the request to select an activity, move to the next most intrusive prompt level.

Remember that varying prompts may be needed to get the desired response from (Individuals Name). If she were to select an activity with verbal prompts, but needs modeling prompts to select an activity, the modeling prompt(s) would be recorded.

A maximum of three prompts should be given in each level. After three unsuccessful prompts, proceed to the next most intrusive prompt level.

Record data on how many prompts and the prompt level needed for (Individuals Name)  to select an activity.  This strategy/activity can be completed as often an able, but only recorded once daily.

Encourage (Individuals Name) throughout the task to keep her motivation up throughout.  

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